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We're COVID-secure

In these very strange times, we know how important it is to all of our customers to keep what we do clean, hygeinic and above all safe.

We have stringent safety standards anyway, however, we have made our policies even more focussed.

We have added specific COVID-19 measures to our daily cleaning routine and enforce clear queueing and social distancing measures at Citrus.

In order to keep you as safe as possible, we have adopted a number of new proactices for your safety and ours.


Only two waiting customers and one customer being served are allowed into the shop with face coverings. Anyone without a face covering can order and pay from the door.

  • Ross & Jake come from the same household and are the only people allowed inside the shop
  • We are keeping our contact outside of work to stock replenishment only and to protect you we are not engaging socially in any form in accordance with HM Government guidelines
  • We only use brand new, biodegradable or compostable packaging
  • We are preferring cash as a payment method
  • If someone cannot pay with contactless payment, the card terminal is disinfected after every physical contact
  • Gloves are worn for all food preparation and changed every order
  • Tongs are used to handle all cakes
  • Our usual, stringent surface sanitisation practices and checks are being strictly adhered to
  • Our daily checklists have been updated to incorporate extra COVID security checks
  • We try to avoid touching the mouth pieces on our cup lids
  • Hands are washed and sanitised regularly throughout the day
  • Only customers wearing face coverings are allowed beyond the threshold
  • Appropriate signage and markings are in place outside Citrus
  • Signage is in place to instruct everyone how to order
  • Online ordering is in place to allow ultra-low contact collection

If you would like to help support us as a local business, you can by making a donation.

Our History

Ross began his life in coffee back in 1998, working for Starbucks back when they cared about what they did and the staff they employed which fostered Ross's love for the drink.

After an extended period of time in various customer service roles and IT vocations, he found himself working for Costa where he soon became supervisor of the 13th busiest UK store at the time where he began to long for his own store.

Meanwhile, Jake had worked his way from a Personal Trainer up to senior management where he was running a chain of gyms in the Northwest. Due to cut-backs and poor investment from the Board, staff futures were insecure and Jake began looking for future options of his own.

During the return of a laptop to one of Ross's IT customers, Jake happened to notice the local deli was for sale. After a death in the family, it got the two to thinking. Scouting the county for suitable opportunities, the pair settled upon The Greedy Pig in Kelsall, near Chester, Cheshire.

After 18 months and a total transformation, The Greedy Pig was renamed to Citrus to better reflect the freshness they offer and to truly make the shop their own.

Their mission; to provide locals and visitors alike with quality deli-style take-away food, custom-roasted coffee and a wide range of other snacks and drinks.

Since taking on the business, customer numbers have trebled, Citrus sells its own exclusive, blend of coffee, they have received another Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor and has become a hub in the heart of the village welcoming their customers as they do their friends.


Festive Drinks

Hot Drinks

Cold Drinks

Milk Options

We have a range of dairy alternatives. Simply ask in-store for your choice of alternative which can be used in any of our drinks. Choose from Lactose-Free, Soya, Coconut (contains soya), Almond and Oat Milk.

Our Exclusive Blend

Our exclusive blend is used in all of our coffees. Made from the best quality green beans from Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Vietnam & Colombia, each drink contains approx 32mg, 64mg, 96mg or 128mg of caffiene.

Swiss Water Decaf

We don't use methylene chloride for our decaf coffee (known as MC), we only use Swiss Water method to extract the best from our dark roast, decaf coffee.

New Product

This item is new in store


This is suitable for vegetarians


Vegans can enjoy this item

Light Bites & Breakfast

Cold Food

Seasonal Food


Biscuits & Snacks

Hot Food



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